Atlanta-based trio, Omni, have just released their debut album Deluxe via Trouble In Mind Records. The LP, Deluxe is full of dreamlike lo-fi pop that's perfectly blended by guitarist Frankie Broyles (ex-Deerhunter), bassist/vocalist Philip Frobos and drummer Billy Mitchell who both used to be in Carnivores. Get a glimpse of the first two singles they've already made public, and if you dig them, we suggest you dive right into their full album which you can buy here

"Omni brings you back to an era where any sane person was reeling from the unfulfilled promise of the Space Age and Age of Aquarius bleeding into the looming threat of "Morning in America.” Omni distills the buzz and grit that snakes through the best of Television, Devo, and Pylon into surprisingly danceable, hook-laden slabs of raw, angular, sonic bliss. It’s still the summer of '78, and pushing the roots of rock & roll to its limits remains in vogue." - Trouble In Mind Records