We wanted to upload something really special for Valentine's Day so we were on the hunt for a little while. But Luckily Noah approached us a few days ago asking us to promote his new single that he was releasing on Valentine's Day. Noah Kittenger is one of our favorites so we were psyched that he had approached us and wanted us to premier his new single. You can never go wrong with Noah's magical gems. 


Here is what Noah had to say about his new track "All I Know". 

"I started writing this song in spring of last year. It wasn't originally about anyone in particular, I just wanted to write a love song. I was listening to a lot of 80's pop love songs at the time I think, haha. It sat on my macbook for months and I didn't ever have the desire to finish it. I thought "Well I'm not actually in love so I'm sort of faking this track until it's real". I just sat on it for a while. In the fall, I met my girlfriend who later inspired me to finish it."