Devendra Banhart is a slender Venezuelan hunk who's been stealing our hearts ever since we were babies riding through the city on our skateboards. His tender, delicate voice, his clenching instrumentals, and his heartfelt lyrics have always hit a sweet spot for us. Devendra has been writing music for over a decade and ever since his lo-fi Daniel Johnston style debut, he's surprised everyone with amazing records, one after another. 

In his latest release 'Ape in Pink Marble', Devendra continues to express his freedoms while teaming up with the album’s collaborators, Noah Georgeson and Josiah Steinbrick. 'Ape in Pink Marble' is a darker album, but it's still the Devendra we highly appreciate and will always support. 

Here's an introduction to the album we've curated from the few things that have been released through the internet. The album is now out on Nonesuch and you can buy it here or stream it almost anywhere. Enjoy.