*EDIT 11/30*

The album has been pushed back do to their recent signing with Alive Naturalsound. The official release date will be January 2018. In the mean time you can listen to Heroin Honey below.

There comes a time when we're asked to review an album. If we do, it's because we actually, really, and truly like it. Otherwise, we decline. Why? Because we can't write a worthy album review, even if our lives depended on it. So, we say yes and share what we love e.g this album.

Since we're talking about it, here's an attempt. Songs From the Land of Nod is a step away from the Beechwood we're used to. Yeah, in a few of their tracks like "I'm Not Like Everybody Else", "Melting Over You", and "Land Of Nod" they maintain their usual high energy sounds, but "All For Naught" and "Heroin Honey" are new to us. The songs send psychedelic and loving melodies all while sounding slightly folky? Something that surprised and kept our interest through entire LP.

God damn, that was hard. Anyways, the LP is really good. To purchase click here. Enjoy.