A few years too late. Imagine coming across this song through pure randomness, fascinating over the music and later obsessing over the fact that they're practically nowhere to be found and completely unheard of... Research time.

Just to clarify, we found this song on souncloud with no title, just cover art. Luckily thanks to Google image search we came across their Bandcamp. Bandcamp leads to facebook, facebook leads to? The band is inactive. We got to talk to one of the remaining band members and quickly learned that a tragedy ended Purple Mercy. Their bassist had died and "any future plans died with him". 

Only thing we can do now is enjoy what they left behind. Enjoy their single "Purple Mercy" and their last album Private Pleasures. Our condolences to Purple Mercy.

We're trying to learn more about Purple Mercy trough an interview with the remaining members. We'll see.