Suburban Pets is a duo project made by talented individuals, Juan Ignacio Miranda and Sebastián Rojas. It's crazy to know that Juan & Sebastián record and mix all their work in the comfort of their bedrooms / apartments. We've enjoyed having on the site before but it's been a little while so we decided to check back on them and see what they've been up to.

They've put out a music video for their track "Glass" and also released a new single titled "In My Room". We asked Juan if he can give us a few words about the making of "Glass" and this is what he had to say.

"The video is a kind of negative review about a human being, where first of all, we live so fast that we are not able to stop and think about ourselves. And it's right, live fast, die young and all of this stuff but ... How and where are our places to live? We transformed our lives tearing them apart of nature, we are eating ground glass.

On the process of making the video, I tried to give it speed and play with the tempo. Also, I looked VHS files deep in the web to give it an aesthetic near to vanguard. Great parts of the footage came from the documentary "Shelley's Amnesia House" and "PBS Nova", also from a live footage of Nico." - Juan Ignacio Miranda

Watch the music video for "Glass":

Suburban Pets recently released single "in my room":