BE NEW ARTWORK_preview.jpeg

We're super excited to release Lillet Blanc's new single "Be New". We're sure a lot of you will enjoy this relaxing and dreamy track. Listen to it down below and big thanks to Spirit Goth Records for allowing us to premiere this track <3

"Be New" is a conversation about the feelings you face after a very intense emotional connection with someone ends and how you maneuver those boundaries (or lack thereof). It's arranged kind of in a cute, sassy, vintage style - I call it my 50's prom ballad - but the lyrics are a bit more somber in talking about who you get to choose to be in this kind of gray area of developing yourself as a newly established individual, and how feelings of nostalgia, fear, confusion, love, resentment, wistfulness are a part of the process we all have to go through to remember the kind of person or people we want around us, and also the kind of person we can have the capacity to be. Ultimately, it's kind of a song about accepting how much it breaks you down to be in love and how hard it is to leave something that you've become emotionally dependent on. - Lillet Blanc