How to make an impact 101. It seems like Ron Gallo, though humbly proclaiming that he will be forgotten in just "two generations", is actually making quite the impact, whether we would like to admit or not. Act by act, Ron manages to execute and implant this great sense of urgency in my mind; making me think and question just a little more; little by little, reaching a part of my mind that makes me want to make sure he is not forgotten, and he won't. 

We would like to think this website is an archive dedicated to the future legends. A place where we could all look back and see the humble beginnings and with a stunt like this along with his great music, Ron Gallo to us is one of them.  

In case you may not have heard, Ron Gallo's full length Heavy Meta will be out Feb 3rd!

"This is gonna be big." Pre order here.