We've been following The Halfways for quite some time now. They first caught our attention about a year ago with their single "I Don't Mind" which we featured on our channel. Listen here. The Halfways have just released their debut self-titled EP which we're really digging. Fortunately, we had a chance to talk to front-man Daniel Fernandez and get some thoughts on the EP:  

"This is our self-titled debut EP as a full band. It's really the first time we've worked entirely as a unit on something. We recorded this last year but because of scheduling conflicts it took a little while to release. The songs were written by myself and I take inspiration in personal experience, sci-fi, movies, and imagined situations. Our whole goal was to create a work that doesn't necessarily stick to one particular sound but instead touches on various different genres. I think the mixture came out nicely." - Daniel Fernandez 

Check out the full album below.