We're excited to announce a new Narnack Records release, of a collaboration between two of our favorite East and West coast bands; Tomorrows Tulips and Savants, and their 7" Split Single.

You might ask yourself how these two great bands from different ends of the coast get together. The collaboration was brought on after the two played together in NYC. Shortly after, they hit up a Bushwick studio and spontaneously recorded a song each with the hopes of releasing a split record together. 

Thanks to Narnack Records, it was finally able to come to life.

It's amazing to see the self-proclaimed bummer rock of Tomorrow's Tulips, clash together with the nitty-gritty, psych garage rock of Savants. It's almost as if the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band & The Velvet Underground got together.

They're both so different but yet so similar, that makes a perfect mix. We're super excited to be premiering this Split 7". So, don't hold off on this and get yourself the 7" here.


Photos by Nick Geozian